MAP (Maximal Aerobic Power) Training can be characterized as SUSTAINABLE, REPEATABLE and PACED efforts. As we prescribe these AM MAP sessions throughout different time domains, it is important that intensity should reflect the time domain per the individual and match the intensity the workout it is calling for.  This is dependent on the individual and their respected development with their aerobic system. This AM session called for sustainable and repeatable efforts @80-85% effort. This prescribed effort was dependent on what I perceived as 80-85% of “My effort.” I like to do this alone because it drives me to work off “MY” specific pace with my own perceived output throughout these efforts. If I were to do these with a partner, I might turn these efforts into sets that ARE NOT repeatable according to time domain I am training that day. Time Domain and Perceived Effort are critical components in MAP session’s training according to each individual athlete. For Example,

Map Session @80-85% of Effort

8 Sets: Rest 3 Minutes

20 Cal AD

400m Run

1 – 2:56

2- 2:52

3 – 2:54

4 – 2:58

5- 2:51

6 – 2:51

7 – 2:55

8 – 2:29

As you look through my sets, you notice the time’s are all very consistent. These sets were tough but I was able to repeat the same Output on the Bike and RUN for the first seven sets. I increased my Output on the last set to show that I was able to to put more effort into my sets if I wanted to. This MAP session did not call for it and with that being said, this was not a pace I probably could keep for all 8 sets without compromising the stimulus of the session. Could I have increased my output a tad bit on the first seven sets, MAYBE! But this is why we track results so I can learn from this session and where I need to improve, so it can carry over into the next session.

MAP sessions are a great tool to build your energy systems but must be used properly per each individual athlete and time domain.