AM Session

A) 7 Min AMRAP

100m Run

5 L KB Snatch (53,35)

5 Burpee

5 R KB Snatch (53,35)


7 Min Rest



50 DU

30 KBS

10 Cal Row


5 Min Rest



Max Cal AD

PM Session – This Cycle we will be doing a modified version of the 20 Rep Back Squat program.  In this version you will start at 55% of your Back Squat max. You will perform a single set of 20 unbroken reps at that weight. You may pause at the top of the movement with open hips for as long as you would like but you may not re-rack the weights. This is important due to the benefits of being under tension for the entire time. The next 20 rep squat day, you will add 5-10 pounds to the weight you did the previous squat session. If you fail the set, the next session you will stay at the same weight you failed until successful at that load. Make smart jumps; 10 pound jumps would not be advisable if the last sessions squats were very difficult.

A) 20 Rep Back Squat, +5-10# from 30 Sep 15, 1 Set

B) 10 Sets:

Hang Clean + Clean @ 75-80% of RM, Rest as Needed

C)  10 EMOM

Hang Snatch @ 80%

D)  5 Sets:

12 GHD Sit-Ups

30 sec Rest

15 sec L-Sit

Rest 1-2 Min