Brand new cycle. We plan to continue to develop and maximize on overall strength as well as continue to work on GOATS and develop overall muscular endurance with this cycle. Above is Bedlam Athlete Clarissa Alvarez hitting a new PR on her unbroken Ring Muscle Ups. We cannot wait to see everyone continue their progress and work towards their overall goals.

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Monday 5/9/16

AM Session:

A)  1 K Row, 750m Row, 500m Row, 250m Row, 100m Row, All Rows @ 85-90%, Rest 1:1

Pace/500m should be higher with the decrease in distance

B) Skill Practice: GOAT work – 10 – 15 mins: pick something you are NOT good at. DU/Triple Unders, Muscle Ups, Handstand walk… Find a coach, if you need help with something.

PM Session:

A) FS, 10 Reps @ 50% of RM, 3 Sets, 2-3 Min Rest

B) 12 EMOM

1 C&J @ 85%

C)   6 EMOM

1 Hang Snatch @ 75%

D)  2 Clean Pulls @ 100%, 5 Sets, 2 Min Rest