Monday 4/11

A.M. Session

A) Row – 750m Row X 6 Sets @ 75%/Moderate Effort – ┬áRest 3 Min b/t Sets

B) Skill Practice: GOAT work – 10 – 15 mins: pick something you are NOT good at. DU/Triple Unders, Muscle Ups, Handstand walk… Find a coach, if you need help with something.

PM Session:

A) BS, Build to a Heavy set of 4

B) BS, 4X4 @ 80% of A

C) Hi-Hang Squat Snatch, Build to a Heavy, No more than 2 misses

D) Hi-Hang Squat Snatch, 6×1 @ 90% of C, 2 Min Rest

E) Snatch 1st Pulls – 2 reps @95% of Snatch RM X 8 Min EMOM – drop after each rep