Starting this Saturday, Bedlam will be running a Bedlam Athlete competitors class at 8am with some of the coaching staff of Bedlam. The initial “Warm Up” Phase begins at 8am sharp so if you need some time to roll out and do some extra mobility on your own, please show up a little earlier than the initial start up time. This is for serious competitors who want to get some extra eyes on them as it can be hard to during the week. We will walk you through an thorough Warm Up and then hit the scheduled program for that day. This is also a great time to ask the coaches if you are in need of some help with problem areas you may have anywhere on your body. This is not MANDATORY but is ENCOURAGED FOR ALL BEDLAM ATHLETES.

A1) 6-8 Strict HSPU, Deficit if Needed, 6 Sets, 30 sec Rest

A2) 4-6 Strict Weighted Ring Pull-Up, Tough, 6 Sets, 1 Min Rest

B) EMOM Till failure:

Odd – 2 Rope Climbs

Even- 2 Ring Dips, Increase by 2 Every Round

C) 10 Min EMOM

2 Ring Muscle Ups + 4 Burpee BJO Overs @24/20 + 6 KBS @53/35


10 Min EMOM

4 Push Jerks @(155/105) + 25 DU

D) 4 Rounds:

1 Min R KB Front Rack Carry (Focus on good positioning)

1 Min R Plank

1 Min L KB Front Rack Carry

1 Min L Plank

Rest 2 Min