A) 1-5-1 Unbroken MU Tester

Odds – Ring Muscle Ups

Evens – Bar Muscle Ups

*If MU are not an option for you as an athlete as this time, do 1-8 Unbroken Chest to Bar for time.

B) For Time:

50 Kipping HSPU – No Deficit – Be Smart as an athlete and know yourself. Open Standard for HSPU

*Reach Hands over head and from here, mark the height of your wrists, then measure down 3 inches and create a line on the wall. Mark your line with a permanent marker, chalk or tape. Each handstand push-up begins and ends with the heels in contact with the wall and above the pre-marked line. The athlete may place their hands however they choose, as long as their heels are above the line.

C) 20 Min @Z1/ Conversational Pace – Run/Row/Bike