Today is all about PACING.. Work the % efforts to teach your body on different types of effort. We all need to know when to “GO” in a workout and when to take our foot off the gas and sustain efforts through a longer piece @ moderate effort. This is all on an individual basis so pay no attention to anybody else but yourself.

A) 20 Min AMRAP @75%/Moderate effort

400m Run

1 min L KB OH Carry (44/35)

30 Sec L side Bridge

1 min R KB OH Carry (44/35)

30 Sec R side Bridge


10 min rest


10 Min AMRAP @80-85% effort

6 Hang KB PC+OH (53/35)

8 BJ (24/20)

10 Pull-Ups


5 min rest


5 Min AMRAP @90-95% effort

10 Burpees

30 DU